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Competition Results
The competition draw was done on May 1, 2002 and here is our winner, Mr. Murray White. Murray was the lucky one out of just under 600 entries received since the competition was started in mid January this year.

[This update is slightly late due to the fact that our webmaster was stuck in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on work assignments so we do apologise for the delay and any suspense which it may have caused.]
Who is Murray White?
Murray is well known on the international knife scene and has been collecting knives since 1980. Living in Canada, he is a retired professional wedding photographer and a 1964 graduate of the University of Washington. He is married with two children and a couple of grandchildren.

Murray admits that his love for knives has taken up most of his life. He was the second president of the Canadian Knife Collectors Club and a director for many years.

He has an impressive collection of knives which can be viewed online.

He has this to say about his collection:

"I collect a variety of knives but all are custom/handmade knives and they range from hunters, to folders, to boot knives, to fighters, to bowies, made by many of the fine knifemaker's of Canada and the U.S. with a few European makers represented as well. I am certianly glad to be adding my first South African made knife to this collection."

Murray attends quite a few shows annually and is a regular and well known visitor to the online knife forums.

Murray's only regret about winning this knife is that he does not have this same luck on the BIG lotteries. (Well, Murray maybe you luck is just never know!)

Congratulations to Murray from all at Rob Brown Knives!

The Next Competition
A new competition will be started shortly with a new knife up for grabs. More details will be made available as soon as we know what we will be doing! Keep an eye on this site!
Murray's Album
View the full album online at <link>.