Rob Brown Custom Knives
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David Bassett
Interest: Knife Collector
City/Town: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Comment: Hi Rob

I was told about your site by Brent Sandow - who showed me one of your knives, and said what a great site you have. I must agree with him, and will return again, both to study the tutorials, and to select a knife to add to my collection. The problem being which one (s) to choose!.


David Bassett
Roger Gelfand
Interest: Knife Maker
City/Town: Tzur Yigal
Country: Israel
Comment: Very interesting site and BEAUTIFUL workmanship! I am a novice knifemaker and
hope to learn as much as possible from people like yourself. I find your tutorials a great help.
(P.S Ek was gebore vegetoe in Suid Africa! ) i.e if I remember my Afrikaans!
Alles van die beste!
Barry Richter
Interest: Knife Maker
City/Town: George Town
Country: Cayman Islands
Comment: Very well done; the site and knives all exquisite.
terry allen major
Interest: Knife Collector
City/Town: clinton twp. michigan
Country: United States
Comment: beautiful,rugged knives
jens jřrgen schiermer
Interest: Knife Maker
City/Town: braedstrup
Country: Denmark
Comment: very beautyful work. this is what i would like to be able to do some day. and i do practice every chance i get. keep up the good work. best wishes from denmark
pjkozy knifemaker
Interest: Knife Maker
City/Town: Glendale, Arizona
Country: United States
Comment: Rob... you have a wonderful site. I like the quality of your finished products and especially like the attention you paid to your tutorials.
joe bronn
Interest: Knife Maker
City/Town: claremore,oklahoma
Country: United States
Tony van Rensburg
Interest: Other
City/Town: Durbanville
Country: South Africa
Comment: Great site. Keep it up.
Martin G. Stehli
Interest: Knife Collector
City/Town: Rodersdorf
Country: Switzerland
Comment: Wow!
I have just saw some of the most outstanding knives ever. Your designs are really great! And you´ve got some beautiful handle materials as well!
Think I will get back to you soon :-)
Luís Felipe Barbosa Moreira
Interest: Knife Collector
City/Town: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil
Comment: Great site, one of best I´ve seen. Fantastic knives. Congratulations.