Rob Brown Custom Knives
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Oscar Morales
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Monterrey N.L.
Country: Mexico
Comment: Excelent site and really incredible knives
i hope this site and the forum really work out .....
thanks for the How-To articles...

Per Öhrn
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Malmö
Country: Sweden
Comment: A very well made website with incredible fine knives. It is so nice to see such fine craftmanship.I heard about your how-to-articles from someone at and they are very interresting.Thanks for sharing the information.
Andy Krajewski
Interest: Knife Collector
City/Town: Loxton, South Australia
Country: Australia
Comment: This is a superb website: and does both the knives and their maker credit. I own only four of Rob's knives, and as beautiful as they look, to actually hold these knives in your hand is to know what REAL craftmanship means. We've waited for a long time for this site: we've told all our friends about this for years. We wish Rob and Gail all the success that they undoubtably deserve.
Shirley Krajewski
Interest: Other
City/Town: Loxton
Country: Australia
Comment: It's the BEST .. (bl... Perfectionists! Must be difficult to live with!)
By the way, who's your first guest book entry --lives in PorFt Elizabeth!
Congrats Robbie and David. Its a really great website. Congrats Gail and Angela - for living with them!
Robert Bordeaux
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Richmond,Vermont
Country: United States
Comment: Bout all I can say is wow.Rob you do some real fine work.Hope one day mine can be as good.The web site is excellent
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Comment: Great knives with some fresh ideas. Really nice. And thanks for sharing the how-to articles.
Stephen Pryor
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Boss, MO.
Country: United States
Comment: Yes it is Gail. A very fine maker, site, and example. Congrats to each of you.
Rocky R. Mink
Interest: Other
City/Town: La Grande, Oregon
Country: United States
Comment: Very intresting
Marcel J. B. Morin
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Lewiston, Maine
Country: United States
Comment: Beautiful knives. Glad I visited.
Mark Williams
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Hampton, Va
Country: United States
Comment: Completely blown awy by the beauty of You're work.