Rob Brown Custom Knives
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Larry Connelley
Interest: Other
City/Town: Little Rock
Country: United States
Comment: Outstanding web page. It is well organized and pleasing design. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. -Larry
Jens Ansø
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Farre
Country: Denmark
Comment: absolutely superb knives......I will come back often.
Janice Roughton
Interest: Other
City/Town: Peterborough
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Hi Rob, Had to just drop this line, I am a pen friend of Betty your nabiour and she told me about your web site, we have just viewed with great interest, knives are one of my husbands interests although he doesnt collect them he does admire speciality knives, yours look superb excellent work.
Jan and Paul Roughton.
G B Lotter
Interest: Other
City/Town: Port Elizabeth
Country: South Africa
Oscar Morales
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Monterrey N.L.
Country: Mexico
Comment: Excelent site and really incredible knives
i hope this site and the forum really work out .....
thanks for the How-To articles...

Per Öhrn
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Malmö
Country: Sweden
Comment: A very well made website with incredible fine knives. It is so nice to see such fine craftmanship.I heard about your how-to-articles from someone at and they are very interresting.Thanks for sharing the information.
Andy Krajewski
Interest: Knife Collector
City/Town: Loxton, South Australia
Country: Australia
Comment: This is a superb website: and does both the knives and their maker credit. I own only four of Rob's knives, and as beautiful as they look, to actually hold these knives in your hand is to know what REAL craftmanship means. We've waited for a long time for this site: we've told all our friends about this for years. We wish Rob and Gail all the success that they undoubtably deserve.
Shirley Krajewski
Interest: Other
City/Town: Loxton
Country: Australia
Comment: It's the BEST .. (bl... Perfectionists! Must be difficult to live with!)
By the way, who's your first guest book entry --lives in PorFt Elizabeth!
Congrats Robbie and David. Its a really great website. Congrats Gail and Angela - for living with them!
Robert Bordeaux
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Richmond,Vermont
Country: United States
Comment: Bout all I can say is wow.Rob you do some real fine work.Hope one day mine can be as good.The web site is excellent
Interest: Knifemaker
City/Town: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Comment: Great knives with some fresh ideas. Really nice. And thanks for sharing the how-to articles.