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Tapering Tangs
Rob discusses his technique.
Fitting Guards
Rob reveals the secret to a clean fit.
Fitting Bolsters
Rob discusses the method used for his curved bolster design.
Mirror Finishing
Rob has become known for his mirror polish - here's how it is done.
Knifemaking Tutorials
Tapering Tangs by Rob Brown

"...Tapered tangs can be terrifying to grind for most new makers, it's only practice that makes perfect - well, almost perfect. I can clearly remember to having to resort to filing them on my first couple of attempts. The fact is they look and feel so good (weight wise) on most contemporary designs that they cannot be ignored. "


Fitting Bolsters by Rob Brown

"...Back to the drill press still set up as before, drill right through both sides of the bolsters - removing burrs as before.

It is preferable to leave the first bolster glued to the tang just in case your angles are slightly out, this then serves as a drill guide and corrects the drill angle as it passes through into the second bolster."


Fitting Guards by Rob Brown

"...Mark out the tang position for the finger notch on the guard before removing it from the knife, and scribe this line across the back of the guard. Mill the finger notch just short of the scribed line) a 10 mm wide guard - use a 18mm diameter cutter. "


Mirror Finishing by Rob Brown

"...The purpose of this step is to remove any warpage after heat treatment, to align the small flats running along the top edge of the blade, to thin out the cutting edge if necessary, to remove all deeper grind lines left before hardening, you should notice that the 220 grit belt now tends to sand a finer scratch pattern on the hardened blade."

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