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Tapering Tangs
Rob discusses his technique.
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Rob reveals the secret to a clean fit.
Fitting Bolsters
Rob discusses the method used for his curved bolster design.
Mirror Finishing
Rob has become known for his mirror polish - here's how it is done.
Fitting Bolsters by Rob Brown
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Image 16
Remove the templates and clean up where necessary - don't touch the front face. Set up in a similar jig with the handle material just protruding from the front of the template. Use a 6mm diameter cutter (at 2500 r.p.m.) with the shank following the template' make two light slow passes by hand to complete the cut. This can be done at your drill press or using a router, try and find a cutter with the shank diameter matching the cutting diameter.
Image 17
A good match - trim down the handle slabs closer to finished size before fitting - glue, rivet and clamp in all directions.

Image 18
The finished product!

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