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Fitting Guards by Rob Brown
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Image 6
Clamp the tool and guard in your vice and start filing the slot down to the level of the lathe tool. It helps to have a few files with one side ground down to the required thickness and kept for this task.

Finish off with a smooth file until it won't bite into the guard material. Try to keep your filing level - but it poses no problem if the slot flares slightly towards the rear.
Image 7
Reposition the guard horizontally in your vice with the first lathe tool on top at the rear, clean off any hardened glue and filings and using the ricasso of your knife as a spacer glue the second lathe tool in place.

Image 8
Now clamp the second lathe tool and guard in your vice and tap off the first lathe tool. File as before finishing off with a smooth file.

Image 9
Firmly clamp the knife in a set of parallels on the ricasso and against the front face of the guard as shown.
Image 10
Transfer to your drill press or drill mill and slide the guard back to expose the rivet hole in the tang. Line up the drill to pass freely through this hole (preferably run the drill while doing this), lock up the slides.
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