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Rob discusses his technique.
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Rob reveals the secret to a clean fit.
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Rob has become known for his mirror polish - here's how it is done.
Fitting Guards by Rob Brown
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Image 11
Push the guard back into position and change your drill for a lathe centering bit and drill a small indent.
Image 12
Replace your drill bit and drill your rivet hole right through the guard. Make sure your drill is sharp, run at the correct speed and well lubricated.

Image 13
Mark out the tang position for the finger notch on the guard before removing it from the knife, and scribe this line across the back of the guard. Mill the finger notch just short of the scribed line) a 10 mm wide guard - use a 18mm diameter cutter.

Image 14
Shape the guard to the required shape against the platen or disc with the rest set to the desired angle. You may now completely finish the blade and tape it up to prevent scratches.
Image 15
If you intend polishing the guard, plug the slot with a piece of Perspex ground at a slight taper and wedged in position. This will prevent rounding the guard slot edges while buffing. Sand the face of the guard up to 1200 grit and buff lightly, remove the Perspex filler. Degrease the blade, the inside of the guard slot and rivet, and apply "Pratleys Steel" to both blade and guard (to prevent moisture penetration) and rivet in place. Wipe off all excess "Pratleys".
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