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Rob discusses his technique.
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Rob reveals the secret to a clean fit.
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Rob discusses the method used for his curved bolster design.
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Rob has become known for his mirror polish - here's how it is done.
Fitting Guards by Rob Brown
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Image 16
Using a small pin punch peen along the top edges of the guard as shown to ensure a good fit to the tang, being careful not to peen too close to the front face of the guard.
Image 17
Peen quite heavily on the underside of the guard finger notch so that the metal expands in the blade notch forcing the guard forward and completely filling the notch.

Image 18
Use a parallel square file with the underside in contact with the tang ground off smooth - carefully file the back of the guard flat after peening in place is complete.

Image 19
File away excess metal down to the level of the tang and clean up the finger notch with your "Dremel" tool.
Image 20
In preparation for the handle material, in this case jigged bone, which will be finished slightly higher than the surface of the guard it is wise to sand the guard up to 1200 grit, ready for buffing once the handle is fitted. Two pieces of soft wood are stuck to the tang with double sided tape and very gently ground into the shape against the platen, with this in position it stabilizes the knife when sanding a narrow guard held against the disc sander.
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