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Mirror Finishing by Rob Brown
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Image 6
Now back to our belt grinder and a slightly dull 220 grit belt running at
22.5 m/s.

The purpose of this step is to remove any warpage after heat treatment, to align the small flats running along the top edge of the blade, to thin out the cutting edge if necessary, to remove all deeper grind lines left before hardening, you should notice that the 220 grit belt now tends to sand a finer scratch pattern on the hardened blade.
Image 7
The blade at this stage, do not start each pass over the contact wheel right at the ricasso but rather a little distance from it, to prevent unintentionally reshaping the shoulder grind altogether.

Image 8
Track your 220 grit belt off the edge of the contact wheel 1 to 2 mm and true up the shoulder grind.

Image 9
The blade should now be ready for finer sanding using grits 400, 800, and 1200 (dry sand only).

The quality of the paper you select to use will not doubt determine the quality of your finish, a number of the major brands and most no-name brands have proved totally unsuccessful so you need to select carefully. I use "Gelva Achilles Abrasives" (230 x 280mm) made in Holland, available from Lukas Abrasives South Africa.
Image 10
My first machine (a touchy point) still going after all these years, I started building its "hi-tech" replacement about 5 years ago but haven't had the heart to finish assembling it and retiring my old faithfully, maybe in the New Year.

The point is you need a contact wheel that is driven by a v-belt and runs at ±950 r.p.m. - most are driven by the abrasive belt and we won't be using these in the final finishing - you may have to make a plan.
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